Senior Webtoon Editor (Graphic Design)



Senior Webtoon Editor (Graphic Design)

The Senior Webtoon Editor is responsible for developing materials in alignment with organizational goals. S/he is also responsible for designing technical course content and evaluating its effectiveness. S/he will be able to effectively communicate and train the team members not only to manage the company assets of desktop, tablet and Adobe accounts but also to increase productivity.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Provides all aspects of editing for webtoon contents using photoshop, illustrator and MSX Webtoon tool;
  • Reviews the tools regularly and gives feedback from time to time;
  • Ensures all incoming webtoon projects are properly checked for errors;
  • Determines the team’s capacity for proper project assignments;
  • Guarantees the quality of all webtoon projects to be delivered by performing complete quality assurance checks based on the guidelines stated by the client/s;
  • Coordinates, liaises and monitors webtoon project files;
  • Provides assistance to the webtoon editors regarding work materials, editing tools, file conversions, etc. and do quick-fixes for things when needed;
  • Observes compliance to defined company policies, procedures, guidelines and drives continuous improvement; and
  • Performs other function-related tasks as may be assigned from time to time.

Capabilities and Skills

  • Universal Competencies (Core Values and SBL):
  • Respect People - Ability to consistently values the unique point of view of each individual within the company; Ability to consistently accepts objective feedback and share ideas that bring meaning and value to the team’s performance; Embraces diversity by understanding the perspectives of global counterparts or team members
  • Be Extraordinary - Creates value to the team that would create impact to business goals and objectives; Ability to consistently go the extra mile in delivering day-to-day responsibilities; Able to develop ideas or suggestions to improve the operations, policies or procedures within the team
  • Embrace Change - Welcomes unforeseen detours and turning them into opportunities to drive creative solutions for the team; Able to consistently demonstrates a positive attitude in accepting and acknowledging the constant changes in the company; Consistently embraces change while still delivering high-quality job performance
  • One Team With Passion - Demonstrates willingness to help and support other members of the team and expresses gratitude to those who have made significant contributions; Takes positive approach in interacting with fellow employees, both local and global; Show passion in achieving team's goals and objectives by ensuring individual objectives are met
  • Strength-Based Leadership - Being aware of individual strengths and appreciating its value in performing the job; Utilizes strengths and improving weaknesses in performing the duties and responsibilities; Shows personal leadership by driving the core values of the company to fellow employees
  • Functional Competencies:
  • Technical and Functional Excellence - Ability to understand the nature of the business and carry out necessary processes relevant in the performance of the job; Ability to foresee potential issues by being keen on every detail pertaining to clients’ requirements; Ability to understand and appreciate the value of the function in achieving the department’s objectives
  • Productivity and Quality Orientation - Ability to efficiently perform tasks within the given working hours, and be able to meet demanding productivity goals; Ability to accomplish tasks by considering all areas involved, showing concern for all aspects of the job and accurately check processes and tasks; Ability to ensure high-quality output and initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate
  • Building Positive Working Relationship - Ability to develop collaborative relationships with the clients, team members and external stakeholders to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals; Communicates changes or problems about the project/s to team members and team leader and work on solutions; Implements effective means for monitoring and evaluating the work process and the attainment of mutual goals
  • Adaptability and Accountability - Ability to accept full responsibility for assigned tasks by demonstrating concern for achieving the required performance standard while getting tasks done in a timely manner; Ability to change in order to work better towards the achievement of the department’s goals, objectives and targets; Ability to adjust and tailor the support in order to meet the needs of the client/s; Having a sense of urgency in accomplishing assigned tasks and being able to properly prioritize tasks according to importance and urgency; Being open to new ideas and changes that could help the company grow
  • Dependability - Communicates regularly with the team to discuss both work and non-work-related concerns that might affect work standards, and initiates assistance when appropriate; Ability to develop a sense of ownership and demonstrate personal responsibility for achieving the high-quality results team member; Ability to show and influence the team in effectively getting things done and concur with the set company rules and regulations

Qualifications and Experience

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia, Advertising, Fine Arts or its equivalent
  • Work Experience: 3 to 5 years’ experience in a related field
  • Proficient in using Photoshop
  • Fluent in English both in written and spoken
  • Highly analytical and meticulous
  • High attention to details
  • Able to work under pressure and minimal supervision
  • Amenable to work in shifting schedule

Key Performance Indicators

  • Financial: Increase work capacity (Number of hours per week/month)
  • Customer: Deliver quality work output or project/s • Ensure clients acceptance of work output (Acceptance rate/Number of project redeliveries)
  • Process / Operational: Constant communication with the team members / Designer Lead / Managing Director • Timely submission of productivity reports (Response time/No late submission of reports)
  • People: Contribution to the team’s goals and objectives • Participation in the company’s planned employee engagement activities (Number of achieved team’s target/s per month/Number of participated activities)

Expectations and Outputs

  • Able to edit a high volume of contents
  • Able to deliver issues or updates to the internal teams and clients in a timely manner
  • Identify potential issues in projects and preventing these issues to compromise the projects
  • Able to actively participate in sending out feedback and flagging issues in the files, suggesting solution to issues
  • Quality control of assets being delivered to the team

Seniority Level



Translation and Localization, Media Production, Broadcast Media

Employment Type


Job Functions

Graphic Design, Editing

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