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Japanese > English Editor

The Editor is responsible for editing (creating and/or reformating), spotting, and simulating time codes accurately according to specified client guidelines.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • 1. Does time coding for production purposes; 2. Identifies and corrects mistakes all Japanese linguistic errors (missing texts and translations, spelling & grammar mistakes, linguistic consistency (text & audio) 3. Corrects mistakes in English grammar such as but not limited to spelling, sentence structure, and context; 4. Formats subtitles according to specified guidelines of the client; 5. Provides quality checking for all files as assigned; 6. Communicate with freelancers and other operational team members when needed; 7. Ensures timely delivery of the assigned file/s; 8. Observes compliance to defined company policies, procedures, guidelines and drives continuous improvement; and 9. Performs other function-related tasks as may be assigned from time to time.

Expectations and Outputs (Checklist)

  • ● Consistently improve work capacity while delivering quality work output within the given timeframe ● Adaptable to the constant changes in the workflows and client/s expectations ● Develop a harmonious relationship with the team members to ensure smooth delivery of project/s

Work Experience:

  • Preferably with 1-year experience in a related field; Experience in writing is a plus; Experience in captioning / subtitling is a plus

Skill and Other Qualifications:

  • ● Fluent in both Japanese and English, both written and spoken ● Highly analytical and meticulous ● High attention to details ● Able to work under pressure and with minimal supervision

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