SlatorCon Remote 2021

May 13, 5:30 AM to 11:15 AM PDT

David Lee SlatorCon Keynote Presentation

Iyuno-SDI Group's CEO, David Lee, is giving the keynote presentation "Transformation of Global Content Distribution and the Role Localization Plays" on May 13 at SlatorCon Remote 2021.

SlatorCon Remote returns on May 13 for its 5th anniversary of SlatorCons.

We are excited to bring together our network of language industry leaders to discuss Slator’s proprietary research and industry trends in a packed agenda delivering strategic insights and actionable ideas.

SlatorCon Remote will examine the industry’s high growth sectors and transformative language technologies that will help language service providers and their enterprise clients to grow revenues, improve operational efficiencies, build stronger teams, and expand into new markets.

Join us on May 13 to network with senior executives, technologists and end-clients from around the world, and take away the critical market knowledge to help your business compete and grow.