Talent Coordinator

Mexico City

Jan 24, 2022

Talent Coordinator

Job Overview The Talent Coordinator will book the talent for recordings. It will also make sure to enhance a proper use of the recording rooms by scheduling efficiently the timeslots given by the client as well as flag any cost control measurement in the talent that is not followed properly. Principle Duties & Responsibilities • Receives the translated script from the Translator and runs it through the Dubbing Script Tool (DST) / EMDS to generate the Cast List for the Director. • Sends the documents generated by the DST/EDMS to the Dubbing Director in order to ask him/her for their proposal of cast. • Creates directory and downloads the DST/EDMS documents to Sharepoint. • Books the actors for the recording sessions with a constant communication with the Dubbing Director and the Dubbing Producer. • Enters all casting data into EDMS so a booking report is generated. • Generate a booking report from EDMS for each production and deliver to the recording room along with the print dubbing script. • Generate a booking report per day from EDMS that includes all recording rooms and deliver to front desk so they know which actors will arrive. • Gathers the booking report per production in a daily manner from the director so the payroll for talent can be processed. • Processes the payroll for actors per project in EDMS and delivers a report of the delivered payrolls to Finance every third day. • They receive a callback for retakes and look up at EDMS which actors have to be called back. • Gathers the retakes report for each day from pick up/retakes room so the payroll for talent can be processed. • Ensure Company security practices and policies are strictly followed. • When a single production isn’t wrapped up, talent is reprogrammed, recording studios are checked for availability, and the Project Manager is on call in case it’s necessary to let the client know of any delays in the final delivery. • Handled all types of projects, including rush jobs, theatrical, games, spots, trailers, episodic and features. Person Specification Qualifications and Experience • Advanced spoken and written English • Intermediate-advanced office package • 2 or 3 years of work experience related to customer service. • Experience in personnel management. • Experience in the entertainment industry in a management or media operations capacity is preferred. • Organized and proactive. • Ability to solve problems • Must be able to communicate effectively and tactfully with all levels of staff (in person, over the phone, in writing). • Time availability • Must be quick to adapt to changing priorities • Must be able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment

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