Resource Coordinator



The Resource Coordinator is responsible for recruiting freelancers

based on the needs of the company, troubleshooting during the application process, and conducting basic freelancer training. RCs are expected to communicate closely with freelance translators, the team leader, and representatives of other teams to recruit capable freelancers for Iyuno-SDI’s business.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruit freelancers based on the needs of the company (time-coders, translators, editors, voice talents, etc.). Organize and update recruitment sheets. Provide basic freelancer training, covering topics like navigating our platforms, payment confirmation, confidentiality, and plagiarism. Manage evaluation of freelancer tests. Send and archive freelancer contracts. Send announcements to freelancers regarding changes in workflows, such as payment and maintaining confidentiality. Manage test materials to keep permissions and contents updated. Perform market research for new languages or job types as necessary. Maintain positive relationships between the company and freelancers. Spearhead annual events and gatherings with freelancers. Perform other function-related tasks as may be assigned from time to time.

Capabilities and Skills

  • Universal Competencies (Core Values and SBL) Respect People - Able to respect unique values and points of view of individuals in the company, accepts objective feedback, and shares ideas that bring meaning and value to the team’s performance. Be Extraordinary - Creates value to the team that impacts business goals and objectives; goes the extra mile in day-to-day responsibilities; develops ideas or suggestions to improve operations, policies or procedures within the team. Embrace Change - Welcomes unforeseen detours and solves them creatively and critically; consistently demonstrates a positive attitude in accepting and acknowledging the constant changes in the company; embraces change while continuing to deliver high-quality performance
  • Technical and Functional Excellence - Able to understand the nature of the business and carry out necessary processes relevant in the performance of the job; able to foresee potential issues by being keen on details on task requirements. Productivity and Quality Orientation - Performs tasks within the given working hours; accomplishes tasks by considering all areas involved, showing concern for all aspects of the job and accurately checks processes and tasks; ensures high-quality output and corrects issues or notifies others of issues as appropriate. Building Relationships - Exchanges information with freelancers to clarify tasks and agreements; and actively troubleshoots to resolve issues and address pain points of freelancers in the recruitment phase. Adaptability and Accountability - Accepts full responsibility for assigned tasks and strives to maintain expected performance standards in a timely manner.

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