Project Coordinator, Subtitling



Project Coordinator, Subtitling

The Project Coordinator is responsible for the internal and external project coordination of all projects with respect to the language(s) they are in charge of.

Capabilities and Skills

  • Great English proficiency
  • Familiar with subtitle basic knowledge
  • Excellent at using tools including but not limited to Google sheet, Microsoft Office, and various kinds of subtitling software requested
  • Data organizing include but not limited to KNP, guidelines, order lists, master sheets
  • Good time management and arranging ability
  • Able to foresee and make plans strategically
  • Report/proposal writing skill
  • Intermediate project management skill
  • Good teamwork and communication
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Good adaptability, responsibility
  • Good stress management
  • Careful and attention to details

Key Performance Indicators

  • On-time delivery rate
  • Project error rate/RR rate
  • Capacity vs workload balance

Expectations and Outputs

  • Language proficiency:
  • Great English proficiency
  • Basic translation skills
  • Good English email reading and writing skill
  • Good English communication skill
  • Basic report writing skill including work report/ RR report
  • Basic knowledge on subtitling work:
  • Maintain the integrity of the delivering files
  • Familiar and sensitive with different guidelines from different clients
  • Able to work with Senior Editor to perform quality control and feedback on files
  • Excellent at using tools including but not limited to Google sheet, Microsoft Office, MSX, iMediaTrans, and various kinds of subtitling software requested
  • Project coordinating skill:
  • Good communication with other teams and PMs
  • Good at maximizing team's productivity
  • Internal schedule and progress monitoring/follow up
  • Report on work-related matters on a weekly bases
  • Foresee the issue and pre-arrange the project according to channels' nature
  • Freelancer/vendor communication & assignment managing
  • Good at dealing with contingency or urgent matters
  • Well organizing all tasks on hand
  • Invoicing on MSX
  • Soft skills expectations:
  • Good communication with team members, including TL and Editors in order to make good arrangements, assist cope with all matters and support on other tasks
  • Good time management
  • Stable productivity
  • Good in information searching and data organizing
  • Good learner without making the same mistakes repeatedly
  • Good achiever on assigned tasks
  • Proactive in team matters, responsible, and attention to details
  • Stress management
  • Great time management skill

Seniority Level



Translation and Localization, Media Production, Broadcast Media

Employment Type


Job Functions

Subtitling, Coordinator

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