Independent Contractor - KO>DE Localization QC Specialist (Webtoon)



Independent Contractor - KO>DE Localization QC Specialist (Webtoon)

The QC Specialist is responsible for maintaining the integrity and producing quality assets for the language he or she is in charge of. The QC Specialist must be a native speaker and have a strong command of the language he or she is in charge of and fluency in English.

Specific Responsibilities

  • QC Specialist will proofread and QC Webtoon files to ensure quality (linguistic and technical)
  • Identifies and reports all the linguistic errors (missing texts and translations, spelling & grammar mistakes, linguistic consistency)
  • Assist in updating existing internal linguistic guidelines
  • Proactively work on assignments throughout the life cycle and provide feedback, whether linguistic or technical, to translators, proofreaders, and QCers
  • Work closely with the Project Coordinators and Project Managers
  • Must consider all methods of communication for any given situation and be versatile enough to use it
  • Produce Webtoon files that adhere to client’s guidelines and specifications
  • QC Specialist must be able to finalize files before delivery
  • Reports progress of the given tasks and are able to perform other related duties

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Impeccable written and verbal knowledge of English, Korean, and German language
  • Knowledge of the culture and characteristics of the Korean and German languages
  • Working experience in proofreading/copy editing needed
  • Working experience in translation/linguistics/editing
  • Experience in webtoon/digital comics preferred, but not necessary
  • Able to work on projects with tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Keen to details while observing the accuracy of the output
  • Team Player
  • A linguistic certificate is a plus


Translation and Localization, Dubbing, Media Production, Broadcast Media

Employment Type

Independent Contractor

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