DC Technician



DC Technician

Job Overview The Download/Conversion Technician assists the SDI workflow by creating and maintaining the shared project directories, downloading files from off-site translators and from client representatives, converting file formats as needed, and assisting in the archiving process. Principal Duties & Responsibilities This position requires the individual to have the ability to work in a PC-based, detail-oriented, time-sensitive environment. The ability to follow guidelines, to identify exceptions, and to have the resourcefulness to handle them is a necessity. Essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: • Maintains and updates the organized structure of the production directories • Converts files as they are needed by all departments of SDI • Must operate a computer and connected network drives in a skilled, efficient manner • Assists with un-archiving internal files in an organized, scheduled fashion • Adjusts to new and changing DC Tech and Archive procedures and deadlines • Works to keep SDI’s production process running unimpeded • Remains sensitive to client needs and deadlines • Actively participates in improvements in the process, including the creation of macros and the formal submissions of policy and procedure suggestions • Adheres to company policies and procedures • Adheres to full-time schedule and overtime requirements • Must work overtime and weekends when needed • Performs other related duties as assigned Person Specification Must be able to demonstrate: • A strong background and understanding of directory structure and file organization • A strong background in office applications and find-and-replace/macro concepts • Ability to effectively manage multiple deadlines and expectations • A sustainable attention to detail • Demonstrated competency in the execution of large, dynamic, complex tasks • High English level (90% minimum, both oral and written) Qualifications and Experience • Highly developed data-entry skills • Experience with high-pressure, deadline-driven scenarios • Strong background in file management preferred • Detail-oriented personality • Experience with office application macros preferred

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