Audio Engineer



Audio Engineer

Using DWA such as ProTools and various hardware creates contents with actors' voices, music, and sound effects. Creates content through using equipment and software according to the director's intention by collaborating with content directors and freelancers.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Voice actor and actor recording
  • Organize and premix recorded content
  • Content mixing
  • Music editing
  • Effects work
  • Various equipment operation and management

Capabilities and Skills

  • Acoustics experience
  • ProTools operation
  • Operation of various external equipment
  • Content comprehension

Key Performance Indicators

  • Quarterly employee performance evaluation
  • Financial/customer/operational/people's perspectives

Expectations and Outputs

  • Smooth recording operation with voice actors and directors
  • Increase content quality and personal capacity through smooth operation of ProTools
  • Develop the ability to respond and explain any variable by learning acoustics and personal sound sense to the maximum
  • Learn the operation capabilities of related equipment so that it can be operated as best as possible and always check

Seniority Level



Translation and Localization, Media Production, Broadcast Media

Employment Type


Job Functions

Engineering, Dubbing

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