Account Representative



Account Representative

Principal Duties & Responsibilities • Develop positive relationship with client through daily interaction and communication. • Evaluate client needs, determine if challenges may arise and seek to proactively address problems. • Build strong working relationships within department, company and with clients. • Communicate and coordinate activities for new and ongoing projects with Production department, technical team, management, and clients. • Ensure delivery requirements and objectives are accomplished within the prescribed time frame and funding parameters as dictated by client. • Oversee production process from start to finish, identifying and addressing project changes, potential problems and issues, and fielding client requests and complaints. • Review client orders, determine and schedule project deliverables, production milestones, and required tasks • Manage client order specs, production data, and required elements. • Participate in customer-service initiatives including meeting and entertaining clients on a regular basis. • Gather information for Finance department; consults on invoice and billing process as requested by Finance. • Adheres to company policies and procedures • Perform other related duties as assigned. Person Specification Must be able to demonstrate: • Excellent communication skills • Excellent negotiation skills • Good technical understanding • Ability to quickly grasp complex subject matters • Ability to work to tight deadlines and under pressure • Self-motivation • Proactivity • Ability to work independently and on own initiative • Ability to be an excellent team player • Good time management skills • Excellent organizational skills • Strong interpersonal skills • Good attention to detail • Excellent problem-solving skills • Enthusiastic and willing to learn Qualifications and Experience • Bachelor’s degree desired or equivocal experience in client servicing job. • Experience dealing with customers and/or clients in a manner that consistently establishes and builds trust in the relationship. • Highly developed communication skills and experience with high-pressure, deadline-driven scenarios. • Interest in Media and Entertainment industries.

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