Media Services Manager

Burbank, California, United States

Posted 08/20/2020

Role Description

The position of Manager, Media Services has accountability for the Media Services Team, ensuring they are managed in line with agreed upon internal SLAs and Creative standards set forth by the Company. The role is responsible for overseeing all Audio/Video technical implementation, workflow documentation and process design in connection with our media services needs.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Managing a team of staff technicians who are responsible for overseeing the day to day management of the delivery AV projects within set timeframes/budget coordinating resources efficiently and effectively
  • Help establish automated workflows enabling our project management team to efficiently process customer orders (i.e., automate customer deliveries, transcoding, audio muxing, and production deliveries)
  • Manage security practices across our media services workflows to ensure consistent and resilient application of our standards & practices
  • Research and recommend new technology, services and practices for continuous improvement
  • Create and communicate scope of Work, set procedures, document, monitor, evaluate
  • Determine infrastructure requirements to support the designs
  • Help streamline workflows by implementing the right set of tools and processes
  • Help management design project implementation plans including assessing communication needs, timelines
  • Troubleshoot technical issues by ensuring accurate deliverables and correct output specifications

Capabilities & Skills

  • Transcoding software: Rhozet Carbon Coder, Telestream Vantage, Digital Rapids StreamZ, Amberfin ICR, Manzanita Systems’ Transport Stream and Program Stream Muxers, Clipster, Elemental, Apple Compressor, NexGuard encryption
  • Regular use of secure file delivery platforms: Aspera AOC, Aspera Faspex, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe products such as Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, Encore, and Acrobat, plus QuickTime Pro. Strong familiarity using Adobe After Effects.
  • Content creation: video editing, audio editing, photo compositing, graphic and website design.

Seniority Level


Employment Type



Entertainment, Translation & Localization, Broadcast Media

Job Functions

Team Management, Digital Asset Management, A/V Post-Production

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